10 Family Must-Do’s on Your Next Visit to Disney World

Richard / October 14, 2015

10 Must-Do, Kid-Friendly Experiences for Your Next Visit to Disney World

Without question, Disney World is a kid-friendly experience that the entire family will enjoy on a huge level. A lot of families make the trip on an annual basis for that reason. Disney wouldn’t be Disney if they weren’t always expanding and changing the park, in addition to coming out with new rides and attractions to keep things fresh. If you want to learn about ten great attractions that the park didn’t have the year before, read on and start planning that trip.

Family Time at Disney World

Family Time at Disney World


The Festival Of The Lion King

Think about this for a second — it has been a whopping two decades since this undisputed Disney classic hit movie theaters. Thankfully, it is still alive and well thanks to this wonderful show. You will be able to see it when you take a trip to the Harambe Theatre. This theater is located in Disney’s animal kingdom in the Africa section. When my family went, my kids were in awe. So if you are tired of the hustle and bustle of the park and want to chill out for a bit, make sure that you stop by.

The New Fantasy Land

Any Walt Disney World expert knows that this is the place where the magic gets real. In terms of renovation, this section of the park has undergone the absolute most. You will be able to enjoy a great new water splash area that your kids will use to beat the heat. They can also jump on a new Dumbo themed attraction or mingle with the many Disney characters around.

Disney's Fantasy Land

Disney’s Fantasy Land


Peter Pan’s Flight

This ride is definitely worth the wait in line. With that said, if your kids are getting restless after a long day at the park, you will be able to enjoy the new perks that come with this ride. As you wait in line, your kids can participate in interactive entertainment featuring Peter Pan and Tinkerbell. This is a great way to pass the time while waiting to get on the ride.

The Seven Dwarf’s Train

If you are looking for a roller coaster that is getting a ton of buzz, this is the one. You will see that this is more than just a regular roller coaster, it features glistening jewels and diamonds inside of the mine. Once you’ve reached the apex of the roller coaster, you will get a breathtaking view of the entire theme park.

Disney's Festival Of Fantasy Parade

Disney’s Festival Of Fantasy Parade


The Festival Of Fantasy Parade

When it comes to parades, Disney can’t be beat. In this new Fantasy Land attraction, you will get to see a 50 foot long Dragon, plenty of great music and a new, never heard before theme song. This parade was such a treat that we took the kids to see it every single day at the park.

Sing Along With Frozen

If you have a child, you likely know just how much frozen heads swept the world in their imagination. Here you can take advantage of a wonderful reenactment of the movie. In doing this, you will get the treat of hundreds of kids singing along with their sweet little voices.

Disney's World Frozen

Disney’s World Frozen


Big Hero Six

When you visit this attraction, you will get to go through the garage and meet all of the characters in the movie. This is a must for any fan of the film.

The Kid-Friendly Trattoria Al Forno

When you have had your fill of rides, you have to make sure that you get your fill of food. This Italian restaurant is brand-new and features plenty of pizzas that are delicious to kids and adults alike. As a bonus, you get to take in some magnificent views of the water.

Disney's Trattoria Al Forno

Disney’s Trattoria Al Forno


A Donald Duck Dinner

My boys absolutely loved this experience. With this safari themed all-you-can-eat buffet, you can try some kid friendly favorites along with some African meals. You also get to take plenty of photos with Donald Duck and Daisy duck.

The Polynesian Village

This resort is deemed after some famous Bora Bora villas. You will get to enjoy large rooms with a private pool. This is excellent if you want to have a great spot to kick back and enjoy the fireworks that come on every night.

Disney's Polynesian Village

Disney’s Polynesian Village


These are some wonderful kid-friendly attractions that you will be able to enjoy the next time you decide to visit Walt Disney World. You will be able to take advantage of these excellent and brand new attractions, which are fun for the whole family. As you can see, Disney World is a fun filled park that always features new developments. If it has been some time since you have made a visit, you will be able to enjoy these brand spanking new perks that are filled with magic.

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