Strategies The Pros Use to Generate Publicity for Retail Outlets

Richard / February 18, 2015

Strategic Ways to Generate Publicity for Your Retail Outlet




Letting your customers know who you are, where you are and what services or products you offer is the most important tool retailers have to gather customers and make sales. If your customers don’t know you or can’t find you, they won’t buy from you. A retail store must get its name out there to the public. There are many strategic ways to do this.

Publicity Matters

Being interviewed or quoted in the local paper or news media is publicity. Blogs, online posts or radio interviews about a business are publicity as well. Publicity gets the business’s name out there to buyers. If they see it, hear it or read it, they might check it out personally.


Getting started

Getting started

Getting Started

Networking through journalists is one of the best ways to get a company’s name out there. Check the local newspapers, radio stations and their web sites for comments applicable to your industry or business. Like them, comment on them and follow them. Make sure you’re ready if they need a comment or interview, and they will pick you because your name is familiar.

Tracking Your Efforts

Wasted effort is wasted money, which makes the ability to quickly know who you’ve commented on important. Keep track of comments on web sites, including the URLs and what was written. Make sure you can post relevant emails based on previous posts or send emails with information on previous posts if necessary. Helping the journalist remember you will translate into better access to getting interviews and mentions.


Business relationship

Business relationship


Continue the Relationship

Relationships with those in the media are important and need attention. Keep current on what they’re posting and contribute if possible. Make sure to update them whenever an item in your retail sector is applicable to something they are writing. Make sure they have a reason to remember you kindly, and they will return the favor.

Professional Links

Professional networking sites such as LinkedIn are important business contacts. This includes the media as they are professionals, too. Never forget: the media can help you and you can help them. They need stories, and you need your name out there. Networking with those who can put your business on media sites and broadcasts will help them remember you and post about your business because they are familiar with you and your business.


Presenting ideas

Presenting ideas


Pitching a Story

Occasionally a story about your industry or business will be newsworthy. There is nothing wrong with emailing a journalist with a pitch to do a story. Don’t forget to mention you’ll be available for an interview, comment or background if necessary. Be helpful, but don’t insist as nobody likes to be pushed around or used. Make it their choice to do the article. Remember to mention something you’ve commented on previously.

Invitations to All

Whenever you run an event at your store, invite everyone possible. The more the merrier! Don’t forget the journalists, who might choose to do a news item about the event. Make sure it is a newsworthy event, not just a sale. Opening a new store or a grand opening are events. Having a mega party at your retail store to help someone in need is also a newsworthy event.





Reciprocal Linking

Whenever you write a blog on your web site, make sure to link to other sites which are media or related blogs to your post. If possible, invite those other sites to link back to your blog. This is reciprocal linking, and it is a way to raise the standings on your business in the world of internet browsers. It makes your business easier to find for customers seeking you.

Sponsor Local Charities

A time-tested method for many businesses is sponsoring local charities. Each event for a charity is an opportunity to get media coverage and get your business’s name in print or on air. Invite everyone, write a blog with links to get the word out, and don’t forget to invite the media to your local charity events.





Local Announcements

If you are sponsoring an event for a charity or good cause, make sure to check all the local newspapers and media for event calendars. Many publish these notices for free and many people read them. This is a great way to make an event well-attended and possibly get media coverage.

Publicity can make a business. The more free publicity a business gets, the more people will notice it and the more customers are possible. Sales do not happen without customers, and customers need to hear of a business in order to find it. Publicity is a great way to get attention for your business without a large advertising budget.

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